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East Africa Trading

Your gateway to the Horn of Africa.

EAT is your trusted partner for expansion across East Africa.

We help you understand your strategy today so you can steer the growth of your business tomorrow.

Djibouti is emerging as East Africa’s business trading hub, using its strategic location to link with other countries. East Africa Trading is established within the Djibouti Free Zone Authority and acts as the storage and logistics hub for any operation and plays the particularly key role of receiving from the Djibouti Ports all goods which are bound for dispatch to land-locked Ethiopia.

Cross Border Professionals

Establishing your business footprint in a foreign country can present many challenges. Partnering with East Africa Trading takes the guesswork and risk out of doing business across the continent.

Customs Advisory

We harmonize the clearance and inspection during customs operations to provide a smooth process and transfer freely to the Ethiopian market and beyond.

Robust Resources

We leverage our team’s wealth of experience to secure the best deals and partnerships across East Africa. With over 3000 sqm of warehousing and equipment, we are ready to deliver whatever your project.

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